Website Services

Digital Greenville offers different levels of sites depending on specific client needs and involvement after the site is completed.

Website Services
  • Simple Sites
    Offer a limited number of pages that require minimal and infrequent change to content, after the site is complete.
  • CMS (Content Management System) Sites
    Have an admin area for the client to control the pages of the site.  This provides the capacity for a larger number of pages and the ability to make frequent changes to content.  This site can  have extra elements added easily compared to a simple site.
  • Blogs
    Provide a place for the client to post articles or information. Clients can choose whether or not  to allow comments from the readers.  These are often integrated with social media and regular website content.
Other Services

Ongoing Content Management – We can help with the regular upkeep duties regarding content management. There will be an additional charge for these services. For more information contact us by email, phone, or the contact form to the right.

Logos, Branding, and Digital Image Services – This can include Ad copy development.

Other – If you think there is anything else we can help with contact us to find out.